How to study your bible – 10 key points

To all my brothers and sisters in Christ, we all know how important it is to read our bibles but to study our bibles is even more rewarding. Why, you ask? How amazing is it that God speaks to his children through his word, he could be answering a prayer of yours, pointing out a matter or issue that you might need to prayer about or a message he wants you to discuss. He uses us as an open vessel to work through. You could send a mesaage that just one person needed to hear.

Besides all that how amazing is it that through been dedicated on setting spare time for God, your relationship with him gets stronger each time.


10 guides:

1. Prayer:

It is so important to pray for #understanding, the bible can get confusing especially for beginners.
#Focus, we are human at the end of the day and as we know we have set this special time for God, all of a sudden we tired, the phone starts ringing at that second or we get distracted. Let’s also not forget that satan will also try bring things to distract you because he doesn’t want you to get closer to God.

2.Choose a book of the bible:

It is easier for us to grasp a message or scriptures and the meanings behind them if we break down our bible studying into sections, as humans we look at this big book and start feeling overwhelmed.
#Choose whichever book you decide or a book that God has set on your heart to start with. By learning each book in context instead of just verses, you understand the reasons behind those scriptures.
#You also start understanding God on a deeper level and understand his ways.

3. A chapter at a time:

To break it down even further, while studying a book, we need to do so with each chapter in detail. We need to ask ourselves who, what, when, where, why and how?
*Who are the main people on this chapter?
*What is the main event,happening or issue in this chapter?
*Why is it happening?
*When did it happen?

4. Mark keywords & phrases:

Using colorful pencils, start circling words that have repetition through out the chapter or even that book.

5. Note comparisons, contrasts, lists:

Make a list in your bible or in a bible study journal (all up to you) for e.g a list of the “fruit of the spirit” and then a list of “deeds of the flesh”. Thus would be phrases in comparison to the other.

6. Look for verbs and verb tenses:

Highlight or use a different color pencil and circle or colour in action verbs.

Eg before Jesus got crucified he said “love one another” – love is an action verb.also notice Gods action words e.g ” I will council you” is God telling us they he does things for us aswell.

7.Do word studies:

Whilst studying there might be this specific word that has grabbed your attention. Use bible software or even Google and find out more information on this word. Try see where else in the bible this word is used.

8.Note locations & check maps:

The bible is telling us stories of actual people and actual places in that time. Find out where these places are today or what their names are now. How far these places are from each other. E.g ancient Babylon is modern Iraq.

9. I stop when I’m stopped:

We could plan that tonight we are going to study a whole chapter but remember we pray before we start and we need to let the holy spirit lead us and talk to us and show us answers. god might only take you into the first 3 verses and stop us there. He could be showing you an issue that you might need to be convicted of or something you need to pray about or answers a prayer you prayered about few days prior to this. The Lord is answering and speaking to us throughout.

10. Highlight special verses:

There might be power verses that stand out to you that might give u encouragement and strength. Draw a pink or red box around those throughout each chapter as you go along.
E.g John 13 & 14 whatever you ask in my name that I will do. So that the father will be glorified in the son.if you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.

I hope this helps you all out there, enjoy and be blessed richly as you study His word.


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