Dance a little, laugh a little & hope a little more!


How often do we hear the phrase “there is someone out there worse off than you” and how true is this statement? Its so true if we really want to admit it. As we go through our difficult times in life, yes it might not be pleasant and a bit uncomfortable, we carry on as if our world is going to end but if we really think of the depth of that phrase. We are truly blessed, why do we have to live our lives in strive, be negative, be morbit, give those experiences more energy than it deserves.

Our Lord Jesus Christ life was taken so we shall not suffer. He gave us a clean slate. So why do we choose to carry on hindering ouselves , why are we not praising him in our storms and giving thanks? Yes we need to carry our cross but you carry it with a negative mind frame and let it weigh heavier or you can give thanks and let Jesus intervene and give you strength.

There is a blessings through the good and rough times, we need go just open up our hearts and eyes and count them.
Life is short, it really is. Do you Wang to have regrets when you in your 80 or years of age when you look back?

Let go of small little family fights, make the most from the time spent with family and friends, cherish every split second. Enjoy your marriage and husband/wife, enjoy every part of your children all through their life. Take as many photos and videos of all their achievements.

Don’t be afraid of having kids, getting married. We yearn for connects and desires in our hearts because God made us this way. There is nothing wrong with it. Society has shifted our view on these things making them seem unworthy, or useless to have.

These things are given to us by God to bring fulfillment into our lives to enjoy them.


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