9 Autumn essetials

From what I can see, most of my followers and readers are celebrating spring, you lucky fishes.

As for me, all the way in Johannesburg south Africa, we heading into our Autumn season. As the Autumn season starts the weather can’t really make up its mind at times. In the mornings and evenings it tends to be chilly while during the day its abit warner, so we can’t get dressed up too warm as yet.

I put together a collage of 9 things I need during the autumn season.


My Autumn must haves:

1.knitted throw over coat: just to keep warm in the mornings when you heading out and can take off later in the day.

2. eos lip balm: with the season changes our lips tend to dry out. Why not carry lip balm along.

3.knitted throw over blanket: for those chilly evenings when reading or watching a movie to keep warm.

4. Yankee candle: a great smelling candle, vanilla being my favorite, gives that relaxed atmosphere.

5. Knitted scarf: note that this is not a chunky scarf, autumn in South Africa is not that cold yet. Just a thin knitted scarf to keep out the cold for the mornings and evenings.

6. Uggs: I just love uggs with the great wooly interior, warm, cozy and easy to slip on. Great looking pair to wear with an outfit when out.

7. Essie fall in the lobby purple: this shade is great to wear during autumn season.

8. 100% cotton gown: we all need this in autumn and when heading into the winter season. After a great bath or shower to keep the warmth in.

9. Coffee/ Tea mug: im in love with all different styled mugs, great thing to have handy all year round.


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