Fly away & firefly lane – Kristin Hannah

This book is a continuation of ‘firefly lane’ as i began to read that book i couldnt put it down and just a few days after completeibg the book i bought ‘fly away’ and this book brough out so many emotions. I absolutely loved reAding these books. It makes you appreciate your friends but most importantly your best friend. At the tender age of 14 years old, starting high school, i met my best friend, not knowing this at the time. 12 years later, we as close as ever. I am so blessed to have a special friend as I have with Angie Facrie. I don’t know where I would be or coped without her. I still love and appreciate her to this day. We have been through so much together and many more years of great memories to make.


Remember firefly lane?! Tully said, lowering her voice.
Over the years those words had become a kind of shorthand for their memories. It was their way of saying that a friendship begun at fourteen, back when a song could make you cry, would last forever.

Celebrity news reporter and presenter Tully hart has hit rock bottom.Kate Ryan had been her best friend for more than thirty years. They’d lived, laughed, danced and cried together. Kate had been her anchor, and now Tully was cast adrift – not knowing how she was going to survive.

Kate’s daughter, Marah, was only sixteen years old when her mother died. Consumed with guilt over the fights they’d had during the last months of Kate’s life, Marsh runs away and drops out of society – even withdrawing all contact with her family.

Tully’s mother, cloud, a child of the sixties, has lived in a world of her own, dependent on drugs for most of her adult life. She now wants to prove that she can help her daughter. But what will it take for Tully to forgive?

And then something momentous happens which causes each one of them to realize what they’ve done, and what they have become.



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