My 7 Autumn/winter trending outfits for 2016!

As I have mentioned in one of my previous posts, most of you are celebrating the great colours and warmth that comes along with the spring season (so jealous). All the way in South Africa Johannesburg we in autumn heading into winter. So decided to share my wardrobe for you all to see.

#1 – My casual but cute outfit:


Come on ladies, who doesn’t enjoy a cute but classy casual outfit? and boy do I love them!
A pair of dark blue denims jeans are a must item to keep in your wardrobe for always.
Who doesn’t have a pairbof all star converse takkies  and if not, its best to invest in a pair. They top off any casual outfit.
Knitted pieces are a must have item in every winter wardrobe too. Cozy and gentle look.
Ray bans sunglasses are great no matter the season.
Knitted beanie and lastly a great pale blue Essie gelish nail polish.

#2 – My black & sleek outfit:


I’m in love with the combination of black and golds. Looks extra classy.
Im a shoe fundie, all shapes, design, textures and colours.
Shredded jeans, black top, chunky leather handbag and to finish off this look a ladies fine cut leather biker jacket.

#3 – Chambray outfit:


Chambray button up top are still trending and I just love these.
A great pair of light brown leather knee high boots are great to have, match up with a lot of other outfits.
White items always bring classiness to any outfit with this outfit a long sleeve cotton top.
Black comfy tights.
White floral infinity scarf.
Sky blue Essie gelish nail polish.

#4 – Navy blue is the new black outfit:


A navy trim ladies blazer is so classy but not to formal when put with casual  items.
A black clutch with gold trimming.
Silver glittered stud earnings.
White lace infinity scarf.
Luscious black comfy pumps.
A pair if blue  ripped jeans.
White cotton t-shirt.
Sky blue Essie gelish cutex finish.

#5 – Burgundy Autumn outfit:


Everything burgalundy! OK this is my favorite full on classy outfit.
Burgundy ladies blazer.
Black sleep high heel pumps.
Burgundy Essie nail polish.
Burgundy Chunky leather handbag.
Burgundy and black checkers scarf.
Dark blue skinny jeans.

#6 – cowgirlush outfit


Light brown knee high leather boots and a matching body cross sling bag.
Black comfy tights.
Beige Essie cutex.
Warm cherty pink knitted jersey.

#7 – lounging outfit:


Ethic tribal patterned cardigan, ” big trend” this season.
White cotton top.
Essie lilac gelish cutex.
Light blue faded skinny jeans.
Turquoise studded earnings.
Turquoise necklace.
Warm and comfy gray pair of uggs

Wish list item:


These are just too beautiful, I love glittery and blingy items. Been a dancer, these pumps called my name. Wow so beautiful. One day lol

Hope you enjoyed my autumn/winter wardrobe 2016. Feel free to steal my outfit ideas.


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