Small list of my favourite goodies

Hi all, happy Friday!!!

Been buying alot of Lil goodies that I enjoy and thought I’d share it with you all.

*First off I have such a creative mumsy, she decided to surprise me with a cozy gift for winter. She knitted these herself. I can’t wait for my other pairs. White, pink, cream. O man too excited.

These are awesome for ladies with fancy long nails. You can show your nails off and keep ur hands warm at the same time.


*As iv mentioned before I love stationary, at times i buy stationary unnecessarily but they Just too cute.


For motherday gifts I headed off to the Cum books store. It’s a Christian store which have all these cute and lovely goodies. Couldn’t help but get myself a few things for myself.


*Well most of you over seas are enjoying spring, on my side of the world we heading into winter. I need to find myself a pair of these even if I need to order online.

Pink and sparkly!!!!


*settle coffee Co ☕
Yeah an iced coffee heading into winter you ask. I’m a Lil crazy that way. An iced coffee and ice Cream is a must in my book 📖, all year round.



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