love makes you vulnerable


Scripture: Galatians 2:20

The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.


To love someone means that you expose yourself to hurt. And the deeper that love, the more intensely you will be hurt. Love demands sacrifice, and true love is always associated with hurt, because the more you love someone else,  the easier it will be for that  person to hurt you and the more you exposed to pain. The more you love someone, the greater will be the loss if you lose them.
True love makes a person incredibly vulnerable. For this reason, many say bluntly that they have already been hurt so much that they will never again expose themselves to love. But although love can expose us to pain, even though it hurts us, loving is always worth while.

His love for humanity cost God his son; His love for you and me cost Jesus his life. Yet it is impossible to imagine what our lives would have been like if God had not been willing to send his son to earth 🌍, if Jesus had not been willing to die on the cross ➕ so that we may live. God’s love exacted a heavy price from Him, but it buys life for us. For us, this love was worth the hurt over and over again. And because God is love,  his children may not live without love. We should not be afraid to expose ourselves to the hurt that true love could cause in our lives.
The only place where we will not hurt because we love, is in hell. By accepting the hurt that is part and parcel of loving, we will grow closer to God everyday, until we experience a little bit of heaven here on earth 🌍.


Thank you for your love- that love that cost you so much, that love that I cannot grasp with my mind, that love that no-one and nothing can separate me from, that love that became visible when Jesus came to earth 🌍, that love love that cost the death of your son. Father I want to thank you thant you were prepared to love, even though it cost you so much. Thank you that I can also hear the whispering of your love in my own life. Make me prepared to love without calculating the cost of my love. Thank you that you give me people to love, even though I realise very well that that love makes me vulnerable – that I will hurt because I love. Grant me even more love, Lord, that I can share out lavishly amongst those around me. Make me reckless in my love for  others. Stop me from locking 🔐 up my love in a chest because I am selfish and scared of being hurt. I praise you who are love. Thank you that you came to turn the earth 🌍 into a small piece of heaven for me because I may love.



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