Rise up for Jesus!!!

​*Why are we reasoning in our hearts? Gods encouragement is so Amazing!
*We know God died for our sins but we need to act on changing our actions. We can come as we are but can’t stay as we are.  We need to fear and respect God. What does this mean to u?
* RISE UP, pick yourself up where u r right now in ur life with everything that is weighing you down. U don’t have to be perfect to be accepted by Jesus.
*What is ur “Bed” in life that you carrying? Is it sexual immorality,  drug addiction,  abuse, pornograpghy, court case, family trouble, a loss?
*Who is our house? God is our temple, our refuge, a place of safety, where the heavy burden can find rest. We shall Rise up like eagles. 
Let us make that final decision to serve the Lord with all that we have. Enough is enough. Let the Lord in and take control of your life.  We can’t do it on our own any longer!


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