5 Minutes with Shavon

1.What is your favourite colour?

Pink, pink, pink…and more pink!


my 2nd favourite colour would be lime green.


2.What do you do in your spare time?

I love reorganising my personal spaces, reading books & spending time with the Lord in his word or simply watching a cute comedy with a bowl of popcorn.



3.Who are your favourite authors?

Funny enough i never loved reading, i finally decided to drag myself to the bookstore and after hours spent scrolling the book shelfs i decided on a book by Kristen Hannah and i just fell in love with her writing. i bought 5 more of her books there after. i have recently bought books by 2 other authors, i would need to get back to you on their books!


4.What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I reach for my snooze button lol, not much of a morning person. when I do manage to open my eyes, I reach for my phone and scroll through my apps (guilty).

5.How long does it take for you to put make up on?

I have been fascinated with make up ever since i can remember, i love the process of applying make up. I am really great at it, if i may say so myself.i am always trying out new looks and do so by watching tutorial videos. I would say I take a good 15 – 25 minutes spent doing my make up.


6.Who takes the majority of your photo’s for your blog?

We are still very new to the blogging world, started in march 2016. So myself and Renani (Blog admin/blogger) try to take as many photo’s as we can of our own, I have a great quality camera on my Sony phone and I use photo apps to make our photos look professional. We also always make sure to add our logo watermark to each of our photo’s.



7.what inspired you to start a blog?

I have a friend that had started her lifestyle blog 3 years back and when she told me about it and the different types of blogs that are out there, i got the idea of starting a Christian blog, it would be a great to express myself and be an open vessel for God to work through and to reach others.


8.Where are you from?

I live in the beautiful country South Africa, Johannesburg city, we have such great weather all year round, beautiful land, oceans, game lodges and wildlife. our sunsets and sunrises are just magnificent, absolutely breath taking!



9.What don’t you leave the house without?

As many of you ladies will agree, at the top of our lists would be our handbags, I mean our whole lives are in there lol. My cell phone of course ( a bit of an addict). One thing I am totally obsessed with is hand sanitizer, I will always have a tube in my bag. lastly my car, without it I wouldn’t get very far!


10.what are your favourite make up items?

My Indian black eyeliner is a must have, just love it! I find it works way better than any other eyeliners I have ever used. a lady always needs lipstick & lip gloss with her, my favourite colours would definitely be nude & light pink. lastly I can’t do without eye shadow, it always  give your look that final pop.


11.What is your last-minute-go to meal?

If im out & about shopping and my stomach starts screaming, nothing better than a platter of sushi!!#yum. if im at home the quickest yet delicious meal would be a toasted cheese sandwich.


12.How often are you on word press?

when i started blogging i decided i would be the blogger that shares a story or topic at least twice a day, as i have so much to express and talk about, hence the reason i started blogging lol. to make sure this happens daily even when I am out and about or have a few minutes to spare in the parking lot. I downloaded the word press cell phone app. I draw up drafts my topics for the week to come, save them and I can simply press “publish”. Publish the topic I have chosen for that specific day. I have welcomed a dear friend (Renani)  to the ” Edge Team” and we will be taking turns posting articles on different days of the week.

13.Do you have any pets?

Yes! I was never much of an animal lover believe it or not until i adopted a kitty from my family’s cats litter at 7 weeks old. i fell in love with him from day 1, the love only grew and grew.i named him kitty and as he grew the name just stuck.


14.How did you come up with your blog name?

I had this desire on my heart to spread Gods word for many months and never really knew how to go about it. so whilst doing research and reading christian content i came across the phase ‘EDGE – Every Day God Experience’ and then i just knew that this was the name i had to use.

15.What are your favourite movies?

I love romantic movies, I am a bit of a hopeless romantic,to name a few – the note book, Dirty dancing, pretty women, made of honour (Mr mc dreamy) and Serendipity.

Christian movies always bring meaning to my life and touch my heart – courageous, passion of the Christ, God is not dead, fireproof, Grace unplugged and 90 minutes in heaven.

Adventure movies give me that sense of wonder, which I love – Journey 1,2 & 3, Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean and Jurassic park.


 16. Who & what keeps you motivated to write?

Honestly, I’m not the greatest of writers but the only time I write up an article/message is if the Holy Spirit has laid it on on my heart and I feel it on my heart  to share it. In these cases, the words just flow from the heart. These posts are most meaningful to me and I’m sure our readers / followers will appreciate them that much more.
We aim to do intense Bible study and back up our articles up with biblical facts.

17. Personal Quote:

The wiser we become,  the more we realise how little we know

 #Proverbs #Wisdom 

18. Favourite Scripture :

19. What does your name (Shavon) mean?


The most beautiful and loving person in the world. Great with kids and a perfect marriage candidate. Must treat with respect a care because of the rarity of this type of person. Shavon’s are quite possibly God’s greatest creation. Love them dearly for their love cannot be measured.