Small steps to big change!


I know there is a lot of us out there that have the idea in our heads that “yes we want to get fit and be healthy, exercise to look and feel great”. We save pics of how we want to look, scroll motivational quotes on pinterest, watch fitness videos etc.

Yes there are go getters, they sign up for gym, buy their gym wear and kit bag…off they go! Then there are some that just don’t feel comfortable gyming in public, or a mum that needs to be home with the kids. Well if that’s you, this post is for you!

You need to find your “Why”! What makes you want to gym. To be healthy, avoid generic illness, to be fit enough to play with your kids, to feel good.

*Gym gear


OK so my gym gear consists mostly of pink☺.
Non the less, you don’t need to go all out with your gym gear but they say new gym gear helps with the confidence. A crop top, shorts and takkies are great for training in summer and of course ski pants, takkiez and windbreaker during winter. Let’s not forget the sports bra’s, ladies. We got to keep those babies in check and out of the way.

Workout playlist:


I love dancing, so any song with a good beat Is what will get me going and I know it has the same effect on most people. So sit down once a week and download any of your latest favorite songs and pop them onto the iPod. I know decent quality earphones can be pricey but worth investing in a pair, if it helps you get through each workout session.

Home gym equipment:


*Yoga mat
*Skipping rope
*Gym ball
*Resistance bands
*Foam Roller – stretching.

Feel free to use furniture around your house to exercise with – get creative!

Home exercise video’s: