Why I love coffee cupcakes and you should too!


I love eveything COFFEE! These coffee cupcakes are to die for. When I came across this awesome and super simple recipe, I had give it a try and give you all some eye candy. Lol!

I Love baking in my spare time, as most of you are becoming aware of lately. Why not cupcakes,right? They the trending piece in the dessert world and the easiest to whip up. No one can refuse at least one fluffy cupcake.

I had an awesome time baking these, cranked up the music and whipped up these yummy decadent cupcakes. dancing is always welcome in my kitchen.

Wish there was a way for you all to try one for yourselves.

Love you all!

Got my bake on…o yeah!!!!


Hi everyone, wow its been crazy busy this week for me but I had to show you what I was up to this past weekend…got the baking fever lol. Nah I’m kidding.


Had an order for cupcakes for a friends baby shower…man o man these were delicious. Yes, I stole a few after, to taste. I couldn’t resist!!

Wish I could send one to all my follows. Have a blessed evening all.


Healthy Wednesday lunch


#Wonderful Wednesday #Wellness Wednesday

I just love food and I’m a great cook. I love whipping up dishes and trying new recipes.

Its always great to have easy yet delish meals that aren’t time consuming. I had to share this. Looks great and it tasted amazing.

Wheat toast, cut up avo, cut up olives. Salt and pepper. Topped off with some Parmesan shavings, a drizzle of olive oil…. Yum!

Pretty healthy if you ask me

Cheesy bread

Tasty Tuesday!!!

So I was taught this recipe by my younger sister, went over for a braai and after tasting this bread, i just had to get the recipe and try it out.


1 kg vetkoek doe
Crushed garlic
Grated Gouda
Grated Chedder
3 cheese flavour knorr pasta sauce

1. Melt margerine/ butter and mix crushed garlic.


2. Brush the bottom and sides of your bread tin.

3. Dust your hands with flour, roll the vetkoek into a small size ball and place on bread tin in rows next to each other.


4. Place the knorr pasta sauce content
into a measuring cup and pour boiling water and stir until the sauce is thick.


5. Pour sauce over the rolled vetkoek balls.


6. Sprinkle some sweet basil and thyme spices.
7. Sprinkle the grated cheddar and Gouda cheese over the top.


8. Place into preheated oven of 180°c for 30 minutes.


Watch the magic happen…. And enjoy!