My nightmare – contraceptive pill


Here is a Lil history about myself, I can use my experience to help other ladies and create awareness. 2 years back I went to my gynecologist to be put on a contraceptive pill (Jasmine), for the first time in my life ever. The dr Jst handed over a script and no blood test were taken, which seemed odd to me. So after the appointment I headed off to the pharmacy and got these pills and started taking them orally as required.

Over the next month I was feeling extremely tired 😴. I didn’t think much of it at the time. So Jst slept abit more then usual. I was almost finished my first month of my pill, but not quite yet. I woke up one morning to a ache under my right heel, felt as if I sprained it but don’t remember hurting myself. So off I went to my Gp and he just gave me a voltaren injection. Literally 2 days later that pain went up my calf and I knew something was up but wasn’t sure so I said to myself that maybe the Gp I had attended didn’t know what he was doing so I decided to see a different Gp for a second opinion. As I began to explain my symptoms to the 2nd Dr, he said it could be my bone and sent me off for x-ray, which I knew wasn’t the case because I know my body, all I knew was something was wrong. Off I went to a hospital the next day to get my x rays done and reported back to the Dr and to my prevail the x rays came back with no problems with my bones. The dr then referred me to a podiatrist, which I could only get an appointment the following Monday.

Over the weekend wait, the pain progressed up to my groin and the swelling around my ankle was really bad. I was taking pain pills but nothing helped. I started getting night sweats and fevers and really pale. I remember my sister seeing me the one day and saying that the colour of my face matched the off yellow colour top I had on that day. I was then sleeping with 3  or 4 pillows under my leg to eliviate the pain and eventually not able to walk on my leg and then using crutches. At this point I knew something was terribly wrong, that this all progressed and worsened only over a few days.

My sister offered for me to stay by her over the weekend to help me and look after me. At this point I could not do anything, barely get to the bathroom when needed. I was dizzy, and the excruciating pain I experienced when standing up and all the blood rushed to my ankle. I then told my sister to drive to the hospital so I can do the x rays. I couldn’t wait until Monday. Due to it been a Saturday they said I would get charged over and above my medical rates because I was not referred by my Dr and it’s weekend. Went home and had to just bare with the pain the best way I could.

Monday comes and off I go to the podiatris and the dr exams my leg and sends me down to the department for a scan to be done. Let me just tell you it was a day from hell, the nurse began to scan and after a minute or so she stops and walks out the room, next minute the dr in charge of the scan department walk in and starts scanning my leg whilst the nurse is standing next to him. Panic starts to set in. Then they reveal that I have a blood clot in my right calve.

I return to the podiatrist and phones a Dr to get me admitted into hospital immediately. So off I go and im at the reception to try get myself admitted and this receptionist decided is was a good idea to hand over a clip board to me to fill in paperwork. I’m standing there with crutches and in immense pain not been able to even make it to the seating area without dropping the clip board. All she does I’d stare at me and does not help me.

I was in hospital for a week and half trying to get my in to the 2.0 and been pumped with blood thinning medication. My life changed there and then. I was feeling a sense of anger towards my gynecologist for not taking bloods and seeing of that birth Control pill was compatible for my body. Now I sit with this condition in result of the pill. I had to be on waferin and change my diet, go in for blood tests once a week. This was all new to me, had to learn alot about my condition. So I did as I was told, changed my diet and took my waferin as required but every week my INR results where always fluctuating. The one morning I went in to do bloods and the nurse was so rude to me saying I’m not doing this right. I left there and driving on my way to work I burst into tears. I felt so frustrated and angry because that nurse has no idea what I have been through and has not walked in my shoes but was quick to judge.

O started feeling depressed because the blood tests once a week was interfering with me getting to work on time. I was tired of taking pills and taking bloods test and trying to be strict with a diet which was very limited and finally having to put up with rude nurses. My hair did not want to grow, I kept getting nose bleeds and headaches from the high waferin dosage I was put on and having to wear medical stockings everyday (extremely uncomfortable).

A year went by and eventually I went to a gp and he said I could go off the waferin, I was so excited that day. As I walked out the dds rooms all the colours outside seemed brighter and more beautiful than ever before.

Hope this give hope and encouragement to other girls and women out there dealing with what I went through. A year later my hair has grown, my leg doesn’t swell up as often, I can eat a variety of foods and donate blood again as I did before. I do not wish this to happen to my worse enemy.


Don’t wait for your dreams…go get them now!

Have a read about my friend Natalie Gunther in the article below, she has a strong relationship with the Lord. About  A year and half ago, on the 9 August, she was in a fatal car accident and survived to tell her testimony with others.


A year and a half ago, an amazing South African, Natalie Gunther, was in a serious car accident caused by another driver. She was the passenger in a car that rolled off the highway. During the process Natalie was flung out of the car & found over 15 meters away from the accident scene.

Her friends & family were told that she had various fractures, blood on her brain & had a severely broken her neck.

The odds did not seem in her favour as the doctors prognosis was that she only had a 50% chance of survival & that percentage had a huge possibility of her being paralysed for life.

“We were devastated… & didn’t know quite how to deal with the news at the time, all we knew is that we would help Natalie by any means”.

Natalie spent some time in the ICU & went through various operations including having a steel plate screwed into her neck to hold the other vertebrae together.

“When waking up every day with the only goal of walking again & not feeling pain.. you realise how petty things normally would ruin our day or take priority.”

She was bed-ridden for months during her recovery but Natalie decided to use her time wisely & started a business that did not require her to move.

“I believe that everything happens for a reason, I’m grateful for the lessons learnt, the pain I’m enduring has made me realise what I’m meant to do with my life & for others.”

She spent hours on the internet & taught herself how to create websites. Along the way, she also learnt about graphic design… coupled with her Marketing skills, her “bed-business” Green Leaf Project quickly took shape.

During the recovery period, Natalie also started a charity called Hope Station, it is still new but focusses on helping children and women. The main objective is to get them off the streets, get them out of bad relationships & assist with trauma counselling.

The charity part was my motivation to start this business and just before my accident I kept telling myself I need to do it but never made the time; the accident happened and in terms of business and charity… everything has fallen into place and grown nicely. People shouldn’t wait for a drastic event to do what they love and make their dreams come true.”

Natalie plans on growing her business and charity nationally as her main objective with her “second life” is to help businesses with affordable services and products and help people to better themselves and pay it forward…

“It has been a year, I still go to physio & although I have pain every day and will never be able to do things that others will do, like play a lot of sports or function 100% as before. I am very positive and grateful to have a second chance at life & not be paralysed. Everyday I am amazed & grateful that miracles still do happen.”

Run in such a way that you will win – Maurice Archer

Run in such a way that you will win – for the eternal prize (by Maurice Archer)

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Above:  Maurice Archer running towards the end, with the  “Shekinah Glory” of God resting on his shoulders. Right: Maurice Archer holding the  Scripture “Zechariah 4:6 – Not by might,  nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the  Lord” pinned to the back of his vest. 

Although our final victory over death through Christ is already assured, we must strive for daily victory over the issues and temptations we face now. We discipline ourselves to experience the joy and victory God intends for us now. Look hard at your spiritual life. Are you vigorously participating in the game, barely keeping pace, or merely watching from the stands?
Each year, the running of the “George Archer International Six Day (144 hours) Circuit Race” is held in March. In 2006 on the eve of this race I was preparing and setting up my tent for the next 6 days when I received a call from “our spiritual mom”, Lorri, who prayed with me and then sang an anointed song which left us both weeping. It was then that I realized that this was going to be a race with a difference.
A race which I dedicated my God given talent to my Lord Jesus Christ. I had to endure for Jesus.
As I packed out my supplies, donated to me by Pastor Dirk and Diane through the collection done by the Children’s Church, I thought of the “loneliness of a long distance runner.” As it turned out, this was not the case, for six long days and nights I ran with constant praise and worship songs ringing out through my earphones. Just before the start of the race, I had the privilege of opening the race in prayer, hoping that each athlete would be touched and strengthened to endure to the end.
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” This thought kept running through my mind. As the days wore on and the tiredness from lack of sleep crept in, so too was the aching of the leg muscles as they kept on going, feeling the pressure of the pace, I reminded myself that “Jesus” had already run the race and finished it for me a long time ago. All I had to do was to run in such a way as to receive the eternal prize. As the hours turned to days, runners would ask me to pray with them, this gave me the opportunity to tell them about this awesome God that I serve. We are “Christ’s” ambassadors and God uses us to speak to others.
From the darkness of the nights to the dawning of each new day, from the cool mornings to the heat of the noon day sun, from the rising to the setting of the sun, the runners kept on going. And through all these times, I found myself speaking to the Lord with a joyful heart.
I knew that Pastor Gray, Lorri and the Church Family were lifting me up in prayer and this was giving me that extra strength. The visit by Pastor Dirk, Diane, Brad and Elaine was a welcome pleasure. The week drew to its end and then there was one day left and on this last day, car loads of Christian Community Church members, led by Pastor Gray flowed into the grounds. What a sight it was.
I continued to run as they all wished me well with greetings and applause as they set up camp and began to prepare their breakfast and support their brother in Christ. As the race drew to its end at 10 am that morning, I came running up the straight towards the finish line Pastor Gray, Lorri and the whole family stepped up to the edge of the track, all singing the song “Alive, alive, alive forevermore, my Jesus is alive”. Ronell’s sister René stepped out and took a photo of my approach with my hand reaching to the sky. “Tears of humility flow freely down my cheeks as I recall that awesome moment.” The camera flashed and caught the tongues of fire from my legs all the way up my body and into the sky above my head.
Praise God Almighty, “the Shekinah Glory”! Pastor Gray explained to me later, he himself had only seen it perhaps twice before. Paul’s words: “I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful, and now the prize awaits me – the crown of righteousness that the Lord, the Righteous Judge, will give me on that great day of his return. And the prize is not just for me but all who eagerly look forward to His glorious return.”
At times in my life, I have felt the acceleration of a racing car motor screaming in my ears. The wind rushing through my helmet of a speeding bike. The adrenalin of entering the boxing ring with the crowd’s screams drowning out the voice of the ring announcer. None of these feelings will ever come close or compare to the awesome manifestation of the Holy Spirit in your life. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Pray without ceasing. Jesus certainly is the answer. In Him you can find new hope.

Thankful and humble, Maurice Archer.