Shavon’s testimony



I have been brought up in a Christian home and family. Growing up I only went to church as a young girl because I stayed under my parents roof so I kinda had to. At the time I found church and reading my Bible extremely boring. It was only during my teenage years that I accepted Jesus Christ into my life and I was born again. I decided to get baptised but still going through life as a young adult I went astray and sinned even though I knew what I was doing was wrong. Jesus loves us so much that he gave us choice to make our own decisions,  whatever the consequences are of our decisions we must face.

I went through so many difficulties and hardships
Due to the wrong decisions i made.  I went through alot of heartache and disappointment, there was a time when I did not want to face God, that I put Him on the back burner for a while. As I went through life I realised I needed Jesus to help me, every trial I faced drew me closer to the Lord.  Even though I still made wrong decisions along the way, I wanted to do things the way Hod expected,  it was daily trial and error!

I realised that the Bible is here to to guide and protect us on this journey called “Life”, to help and give us discernment,  to make us Holy for Hos Kingdom but we need to do our part too by making time and spending it on the word of God daily. Ever since I made a conscious effort to read my Bible daily,  I have found my identity in Christ and not in Man anymore. I’m reminded how precious & loved I am, found confidence & strength and the more I read the word,  the more I want to know more and I can’t seem to get enough.

“The wiser you become,  the more u realise how little you know”.

It’s so important that we study the word so we can hear God speaking to us and he can give us discernment. Understand how God expects us to live.

“study to show yourselves approved”

I have been through some hardships, ie looking after a sick mother, a gun held to my head and my personal belonging stolen in a house burglary,  been followed and almost hi-jacked but here I am today to share my testimony because my Lord is alive & victorious.  I manage to look after my mom even though some days are tough,  I was not raped or harmed  at gun point and I got away from the hi jackers because the Lord protection is over my life.

Since the beginning of this year (2017), I had enough of all the bad decision making in my life and I have totally put the Lord first by working on myself and following Gods commandments as best as I can. Doing what the Lord expects of me as his child.

*Started serving in my church
*Do intense Bible study
*Got baptised for the 2nd time
*Iv stopped my old worldly habits

I feel new, whole and ready.  God is my supply.